helping children learn about their brilliant brains

helping children learn about their brilliant brains

helping children learn about their brilliant brainshelping children learn about their brilliant brainshelping children learn about their brilliant brains

About Brain Buddies Emotion Regulation Course

the Course

The course aims to develop students’ understanding of what emotion regulation is. It focuses on psychoeducation and skills building in understanding, identifying and developing strategies for children to regulate their emotions through self-care, self-calming strategies and thinking strategies such as problem-solving. 

This is not designed to be a therapeutic or ‘treatment’ group and is intentional in using the context of a universal group to enable shared learning and language relating to mental health and wellbeing in a non-stigmatising setting. 

It does, however, draw upon evidence based practices that support the development of emotion regulation in young people and are consistent with therapeutic approaches. 

Teaching emotion regulation skills is best done through the support of co-regulation by consistent caring calm adults in the lives of young people. No skills based group can be a substitute for that. The value of the group, however, will be in developing a shared understanding and language that can be further consolidated by ongoing use and support from parents and teachers. As such we recommend the group be supported by concurrent workshops and resources for staff and parents on Emotion Regulation and for materials to be shared with parents as the group unfolds so they can take the opportunity to discuss and practice these with their children at home. If found to be useful, the practicing of these in and outside school can be considered for inclusion in pastoral care planning. 

Text Box: Key Targets of the Brain Buddies Emotion Regulation Group: 
Students will have a better understanding of emotion regulation to include
-	Understanding of emotions
-	Identification of emotions
•	Strategies they can use for regulating their emotions


how can I access this?

Currently Brain Buddies Emotion Regulation Course is being delivered in London by Mental Health Support Teams as part of the PG Diploma Programme for EMHP's. For Further information please contact Helen Aspland


Brain Buddies Emotional Regulation Course  for 9-11 year olds is developed for delivery as a universal psycho-education group in a mainstream school setting. It was developed by Dr Helen Aspland, Clinical Psychologist in collaboration with colleagues in Islington CAMHS and PG Diploma Programme for Education Mental Health Practitioners at the  Anna Freud Centre, London.